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Image by Ben Griffiths


I'm Serena.


A research psychologist and writer, co-creating and translating academic research so that it connects with the people who need it.


Because what I've learnt in my 20+ years as an academic is the majority of people who could benefit from research won't ever get to know about it: it takes an average of 17 years for just 14% of research to be applied in the real world! 


And this is knowledge that can change things for the better, helping us understand the world and each other. So why this gap? The short answer is culture: one which largely dictates our research findings resonate with our colleagues and not the people we're here to serve. 


I'm part of a new culture. One which draws upon different ways of producing and communicating academic knowledge - intuitive, emotional and sensitive ways. 

Empathy is key to this culture change. And feelings are my first language. 


Welcome - I created this website to connect with you.


Knowledge that is built on connection


Translating knowledge to inspire connection


If you'd like to connect with me,

 I'd love to hear from you

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